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Baghdad Business School Class of 2022 Graduation  

Baghdad Business School(BBS) held its second graduation ceremony to celebrate the achievements of students who completed all the requirements of the Business Foundations program. The ceremony was attended by guests from the private sector and government, staff, family and friends of the graduates. 

Dr Yass Alkafaji, Senior Partner of LEDGERS Accounting & Auditing LLC, handed certificates to the graduates for completing the one-year program on English, Business, and Professional Skills. The BBS program is addressing the skill gap, youth unemployment rate, and generating human capital for the private sector. 

BBS Founder Christine van den Toorn gave the opening remarks by explaining the school’s history and its plans for the future. H.E. Alina Romanowski, Ambassador of the United States of America to Iraq, was the keynote speaker at the graduation.  

Among the speakers were Ali Tariq, Executive Director of the Iraqi Private Banks League, and Ali Al-Hilli, Director of Marketing and Online Communication. In their speeches, they both stressed the importance of Baghdad Business School and how it has supported the Iraqi private sector with human capital.  

Most students who graduated are now employed at firms such as Fedshi, Alsaree3, Eduba, Safr Agency, Business by design, Earthlink, Alrasheed TV, Creativity development School, Bright Horizons, Dar Alataa, Elnil Energy, IOM-UN Migration. 

Baghdad Business School is one of our clients at LEDGERS. They trust us to provide them with efficient solutions that align with their corporate goals, ensuring financial clarity and leveraging this information to enhance stakeholder relations.   

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You can watch the ceremony here.

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