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Collective of experiences across various industries and years in practice

Collective experiences expanding across various industries


Our team brings a fresh challenge, insightful vision, extensive cumulative knowledge, and experience. Our reports will always be presented to you in a context that aligns with building value and your priorities. The team we’ve assembled offers the perfect balance between expertise and insights that are readily accessible to you. In addition to possessing the right skills and experiences, every team member is genuinely excited to be a part of this proposal and the possibility of working with such an exciting organization. We will invest the time to truly understand your business, providing real, fresh insights in addition to high-quality service.

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Majid Mohamed (ASA)

Founder - Managing Partner

Majid Mohamed is an accounting and finance professional with over twelve years …

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Yasser Naser (ACCA)


Yasser possesses extensive knowledge in both internal and external auditing, and a strong background in tax laws and policies.

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Rania Seif Eldien


Rania holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a focus on Finance and Accounting from Saint Joseph University, Lebanon.

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Abdelrahman Abo Deia

Senior Assistant

Abdul Rahman serves as a Senior Assistant at Ledgers Auditing and Accounting LLC, holding both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Accounting.

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Dristi Bohola (CPA)

Senior Assistant

As a Senior Assistant, Dristi is a member of the CPA in the United States and brings over 4 years of experience in finance, taxation, and corporate law.

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Mahmoud El-Sisi

Assistant Court Expert

Mahmoud El-Sisi, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, serves as an Assistant Court Expert at Ledgers Auditing and Accounting LLC.

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Yash Motiani (ACCA)


Yash, an associate member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

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Abd Al-Salam Delio (CMA)


A member of IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) and a CMA candidate, specialized in Finance and Banking at the United Arab Emirates University

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Rama Al-Khaimi (SCPA)


A member of AICPA (American Institute of CPAs), SAFAP (Syrian Association for Financial and Accounting Professions), and ASCPA (Syrian Association of Certified Public Accountants)

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Rutendo Masocha

Administrative Officer

With an outstanding 8-year career in administrative management, Rutendo oversees the seamless performance of our operations at Ledgers.