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Why are outsourced Payroll Services perfect for your Dubai-based business?


Companies often process payroll themselves; however, carrying out the payroll within the firm is a sophisticated task as it involves:

  • timely payment and accuracy of paychecks
  • Knowledge regarding the prevailing laws regarding the wages & salaries as well as keeping updates regularly the subsequent and
  • Adopting new technologies, apps needed to perform the task.
  • calculation of the number of hours and days as calculated worked.

Various SMEs need more space, time, or capital to operate full-fledged accounting and finance that would cater to the payroll processing of the business. Much time is spent on payroll, and the team is Much to function efficiently on core responsibilities. Hence, an in-house payroll system may not always be efficient due to the following reasons:

  • Cost is incurred in paying the payroll team, subscribing to payroll software, managing employee queries etc.
  • A payroll team may not have transferable skills to work with or on cross-functional tasks. Many business owners and leaders make the mistake of underestimating the amount of manpower and resources spent on managing payroll. Workforce payroll is a non-core function of business, then any time and resources devoted to it would mean less time for revenue-generating activities.

Outsourcing payroll services provides strategic value to the firm as it allows managers to concentrate on essential issues related to the firm’s growth in having greater peace of mind and the following benefits.  Companies that outsource payroll save 18% more than companies that process payroll in-house. It saves money that could be invested elsewhere. The company reduces the cost of hiring and training employees and the cost associated with adopting the latest technology. It also avoids paying penalties for incorrect filing for errors. Hiring a payroll expert means that their main activity is payroll. Hence, they must be absolute experts in what they do. Therefore, a higher level of service quality and accuracy can be expected. It saves time by taking away tasks outside a business’s core competency. As a result, the team can better focus on more value-adding activities. Professional payroll consultants have the latest access to all the information and regulation of payroll as they stay updated with all the laws. This ensures greater compliance and accuracy.


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